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Travel east out of Munising, Michigan on M-94 / M-28. Turn South on M-94 just past the junction of M-94 and M-28 you will see a parking area on your left for Wagner Falls.
Wagner Falls 12-6-_1728Wagner Falls 12-6-_1735Wagner Falls 12-6-_1732Wagner Falls 12-6-_1729Wagner Falls 11-9-_0495Wagner Falls 11-9-_0492Wagner Falls 11-9-_0501Wagner Falls 10-_7827Wagner Falls 10-_7815Wagner Falls 10-_7811Wagner Falls 09-121- 620Wagner Falls 09-121- 615Wagner Falls 09-121- 608Wagner Falls 09-121- 607Fringed Polygala 09-75- 0331Wagner Falls 09-76- 119Wagner Falls 09-75- 0321Wagner Falls 09-75- 0318Wagner Falls 09-75- 0314Wagner Falls 09-75- 0312b