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Superior Falls 15-10-_1139Lake Superior at Superior Falls 15-10-_1132Lake Superior at Superior Falls 15-10-_1121Mouth of the Montreal River 15-10-_1114Mouth of the Montreal River 15-10-_1111Mouth of the Montreal River 15-10-_1108Superior Falls 15-10-_1102Superior Falls 15-10-_1099bSuperior Falls 14-2-_0010Superior Falls 14-2-_0009Superior Falls 14-2-_0001Superior Falls 13-10-_0363Superior Falls 13-10-_0356Superior Falls 13-10-_0350Superior Falls 13-10-_0345Superior Falls 13-10-_0333Superior Falls 13-10-_0328Superior Falls 13-10-_0326Superior Falls 13-10-_0318Superior Falls 13-10-_0317