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The Red Cedar Trail is a four season. rails to trails. trail located in menomonie, Wisconsin. In the winter it is enjoyed by cross country skiers. In the fall, summer and spring it is enjoyed by hikers, joggers and bikers. The trail is fourteen miles long and passes through wooded sandstone bluffs, prairies and wetlands.

Red Cedar State Trail
Red Cedar State Trail 12-5-2011
Red Cedar River 15-10-_3002Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1252Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1250Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1247Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1241Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1238Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1235Red Cedar Trail 14-10-_1229Eastern Comma 14-9-_1839Sumac Red Cedar State Trail 14-9-_1836Bottle Gentian 14-9-_1819Red Cedar State Trail 14-9-_1818Red Cedar State Trail 14-9-_1875Ripples 13-11-_0760Ripples 13-11-_0759Ripples 13-11-_0746Red Cedar Trail 12-12-_1008Red Cedar Trail 12-12-_1018Red Cedar Trail 12-12-_1014Red Cedar Trail 12-12-_1011