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Piers Gorge is just outside of Norway, Michigan. Starting from Norway go South on U.S. 2 for two miles. Turn right on Piers Gorge Road and drive 1/2 mile to the parking lot.
Piers Gorge 14-10-_1477Piers Gorge 14-10-_1468Piers Gorge 14-10-_1456Piers Gorge 14-10-_1453Piers Gorge 14-10-_1447Piers Gorge 14-10-_1440Piers Gorge 14-10-_1409Piers Gorge 14-10-_1405Piers Gorge 14-10-_1399Piers Gorge 10-63-_0412Piers Gorge 10-63-_0405Piers Gorge 10-63-_0401Menominee River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0375Menominee River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0366Menominee River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0365Menominee River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0363Menominee River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0362Gaywings - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0359Sun Bathing -  Piers Gorge 10-63-_0358Running the River - Piers Gorge 10-63-_0357