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The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is a thousand-mile trail across the state of Wisconsin. The trail follows the moraines left by Wisconsin Glaciation. Photos were taken along the Cippewa Morain Segment of the trail. The Blue Heron pictures were taken near the Chippewa Information Center west of Cornell, Wisconsin. There is a large Great Blue Heron rookery near the center.

Blog:Ice Age Trail – Chippewa Moraine segment
Blog: Ice Age Trail – Chippewa Moraine Segment
Painted Turtle 16-11-0072Blackberry Leaves 16-11-0055Blackberry Leaves 16-11-0049Round-lobed Hepatica 15-5-_0752Ice Age Trail, Chippewa Moraine Segment 15-5-_0750Ice Age Trail, Chippewa Moraine Segment 15-5-_0744Round-lobed Hepatica 15-5-_0725Moss 15-5-_0721Leaf Patterns 15-5-_0717Leaf Patterns 15-5-_0715Lake walk 15-5-_0696Round-lobed Hepitica 14-5-_1399Unfolding Fern 14-5-_1396Unfolding Fern 14-5-_1389Round-lobed Hepatica 14-5-_1385Leaves 14-5-_1378Wild Oats 14-5-_1321Round-lobed Hepatica 14-5-_1297Round-lobed Hepatica 14-5-_1289Round-lobed Hepatica 14-5-_1285