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On August 11th Hoffman Hills was deluged with rain which filled the two wetland ponds and washed out many of the hiking and cross country ski trails. More information on my Blog.
Summer Wildflowers at Hoffman Hills
Queen Anne's Lace Hoffman Hills 16-7-_4783Big Bluestem Hoffman Hills 16-7-_4777Compass Plant Hoffman Hills 16-7-_5526Prairie Blazing Star 16-7-_5519Purple Coneflower 16-7-_5517Grey-headed Coneflower 16-7-_5512Butterfly Hoffman Hills 16-7-_5494Black-eyed Susan 16-7-_1582Red Milkweed Beetle 16-7-_1635Showy Tick-trefoil 16-7-_1625Showy Tick-trefoil 16-7-_1623False Sunflower 16-7-_2293Purple Coneflower 16-7-_1601Purple Coneflower 16-7-_1598Queen Anne's Lace 16-7-_1597Green-headed Coneflower 16-7-_1594Butterfly Weed 16-7-_1591Butterfly Weed 16-7-_1590Purple Prairie Clover 16-7-_1583Black-eyed Susan 16-7-_2013